Book review: “Ethereum: The Insider Guide to Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency and Mining Ethereum”

Today I listened two times to the “Ethereum: The Insider Guide to Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency and Mining Ethereum” for Audible. First time I did it as I usually do, at 1.25x speed. Then my brain went: “Wait a second, what what…”? I figured out that lost track of half of the book. Lot of info and different terms. So I did it all over again on 1x speed.

This is by no means book for a beginner. You should at least own the foundations of software development, hardware, what network or cloud are. Then the explanation of blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum vs Ether, proof of stake vs proof work work and loads of other terms can sink in. And by loads I mean loads. The book is very good resource for tech person who would like to jump on Ethereum train, gain understanding and get hands dirty – start doing stuff. Book provides examples of using Solidity and couple of useful tools. From how to launch your first “Hello”-contract into the platform to starting mining.

Interesting things that I didn’t know about before are that suicide function spends much less Gas (units of execution cost) then other alternatives. Also that in opposite to Bitcoin, Ethereum actually favors small miners, so you can still mine it with “home hardware”. For Bitcoin price is far higher, so only large quantity of specialized boxes make sense to use. Ethereum doesn’t push forward specialized machines.

IMHO, book is bouncing a bit left and right between being source of information and kickstart guide so I gave 4 stars for the story, but still provides a lot of valuable information.

I do recommend it, gave 5 stars, but still if you are noob to blockchain and crypto world cover your basics first.

Happy reading (or listening)