Book review: “The Internet of Money” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

I will start with a scary quote from the book:

“I can guarantee you that the one of first distributed autonomous corporations is going to be a fully autonomous AI based ransom-ware virus that will go out and rob people online of their bitcoin and use that money to evolve itself. To pay for better programming, to buy hosting and to spread.”

The author is one of most sought for world known speakers on topics related to blockchain revolution. And he speaks with passion of revolutionary.

Andreas can get under listeners skin, man has to give him that. This book can give you all the motivation to sell everything you got and venture into blockchain powered crypto-currency world, if that is what you are looking for. By all means do not miss the opportunity to learn from him, but you also have to utilize your willpover and say: “Mind tricks don’t’a work on me, only money”! Listening to Andreas, it is hard not to become subjective, lose perspective, and end up with handful of Republic Credits 🙂

I give full 5 stars to this audiobook. With hope he won’t set people on fire like his countrymen, the prime minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras did, and then bailed out. Author speaks with passion and persuasion power of a man who can sell comb to bald person. It is real pleasure to listen to him speaking about disruptive technology of internet money.

Positive: Very interesting. Very attention capturing. True expert on topic(s). Lived on Bitcoin only for over a year. He is Bitcoin Jedi.

Negative: Most of this material is available for free on Youtube, just search for “Andreas Antonopoulos”. You should definitely see his speech to Canadian senate. And for God’s sake, was comparing of blockchain to invention of automobile story needed for 6 freakin’ times in the book? And at the beginning he claims it was edited. Fire the editor.