Blogging for sake of blogging

IT blogging is in crisis. What if a guy working on construction site blogged this:

Bud: “Today I planned to finish a wall ¬†for this construction I was working at. I figured out that buckets for cement are easier to reuse if I filled them with water after previous shift. Concrete doesn’t get stiff and stuck in them. Also, I noticed that bricks are much easier to lift if I cover them with tarp before the rain. Water in buckets and covering bricks is like best practice everyone should adopt. And the best thing is my projects are now on time”.

And then comments come:

Freddy: “Man, thanks so much. I never thought of it. But when you put it like that it makes perfect sense.”

Janis: “I am much more awesome than you are. I was the first one to figure it out, plus I save the water. Just put the tarp on bricks in a way to direct rain into the buckets and you are good to go.”

Jim: “Hey Bud, thanks so much for sharing. My company used to throw away buckets when concrete gets stuck in them. You got us to new level of saving money.”

Reads funny doesn’t it. Well this exactly what most of IT bloggers today produce. Self-praising info on how to do something only very stupid person wouldn’t figure out on his/her own.

God bless people who blog about solutions for real problems.